How can I use OMC's services?

  • Advertising -  email your requirements to
  • Design -  for general enquiries and job requests please email We will then get in touch with you and arrange a briefing meeting where can discuss your needs and the scope, timeline and estimated costs of your project. It is best to contact us at an early point in your project timeline in order to ensure that we can schedule your work and produce it in a timely fashion.
  • Web Services - email

How much does OMC charge for work?

Rates may vary depending on the type of work that you are requesting and the amount of time involved.

  • Web Services
    We operate a cost recovery method for projects with faculties, schools, centres, research groups, and institutes. For all work over 30min in duration we charge a rate of $80 /hour. For project work of 5 hours of more we prepare a scoping document and a formal quote.
  • Design
    Our services are available to clients from all areas of UQ for UQ-related projects. Our rate for graphic design work is $60 per hour - we are resourced to provide a free service to all central areas. We are a small, busy studio, and recommend you contact us at an early point in your project timeline in order to ensure that we can schedule your work and produce it in a timely fashion. Contact us and we will then get in touch with you to arrange a briefing meeting where we can discuss your needs and the scope, timelines and estimated costs of your project.
  • Advertising
    The cost of specialist advertising will vary depending on your requirements and the type of media used. For further information on advertising costs, please visit the Advertising Office website. Cost calculators are available on the site to provide approximate costs but it is recommended that you contact the Advertising Officer with your specific requirements. A 4% advertising levy is charged to the requesting unit in addition to the media cost for the setting, booking and despatch of advertisements.

Why does OMC charge for some work?

The core function of OMC is to facilitate the whole of UQ marketing and communications strategy. This core activity is complemented by value added professional and technical services and resources to all units within the University on a competitive cost recovery basis.

Due to the University’s largely decentralised structure, and the placement of marketing and communications teams in most Faculties, Schools and Institutes, OMC has not been resourced to service the daily needs of the entire university. For this reason we are able to minimise administrative overheads to all areas by charging non-central units for the work that we are engaged to perform for them and central units for additional ad hoc work that does not have a significant strategic endeavour. All billable work will be charged on a cost recovery basis which ensures that organisational stakeholders are accessing a high quality service at a commercially competitive rate.

How do I become part of the Marketing and Communications Network?

OMC manage a number of mailing lists to help members of the Marketing and Communications Network at UQ communicate. If you are a new staff member working in marketing and/or communications at UQ, send an email with your details to and we will ensure that you are added to the lists.

What is Comnet?

Comnet is an email list for marketing, communications and engagement staff to share information among members of the network. Email to be added to the list.

Where can I get a UQ purple polo-shirt?

OMC coordinates a large polo-shirt order at the beginning of the year, where each faculty provide their requirements for the year. Before contacting OMC, please ask marketing and communication staff in your area to see if they have shirts available. If your area does not have any polo-shirts and the shirt is for either TSXPO, UQ Open Day, Postgraduate Advice Night or OP Results Advice Night, please email the Marketing team.

Alternatively, your area can purchase their own UQ polo-shirts through the supplier, Ergo. Ergo can be contacted by emailing

If you would like to purchase your own UQ polo-shirt, there are restrictions with regards to the colours and design. Colours are limited to the primary UQ brand colours (gold, purple, green, black) and the design should include the UQ logo on the left and the faculty/school/department embroidered on the right. We recommend keeping to these colours and design so that the shirts are consistent throughout the university and with UQ’s Corporate ID guidelines. Please contact the Marketing team at if you would like to discuss design options further.

What events do OMC organise and who should I contact?

OMC primarily organises UQ’s large student recruitment events held on campus throughout the year. These include: UQ Open Day (St Lucia campus), Careers that shape the world; Postgraduate Advice Night and OP Results Advice Night.  If you have any questions about these events, please contact the Marketing team.

The following activities are not organised by OMC:

Does OMC supply UQ merchandise?

OMC does not supply UQ merchandise to areas or departments. The Co-Op Bookshop and UQ Stores St Lucia have a range of UQ merchandise for sale. 

How do I hire a UQ pull-up banner for an upcoming event?  

OMC offers UQ areas and departments the opportunity to book faculty specific and generic pull-up banners for events and activities.

If your area would be interested in booking pull-up banners please complete the online booking form at least 10 days prior to when you would like to collect the banner/s. OMC will review your booking request and respond within 2-3 business days.

All requests are subject to availability. If you have any questions about booking pull-up banners, please contact the OMC Marketing team by email or phone x51535.

Does OMC have any preferred event suppliers? 

OMC have relationships with a range of suppliers that we use for our events including equipment hire, catering, photography, entertainment and audio visual suppliers. Please contact or for further information. 

When should I involve Protocol? 

Protocol's involvement with VIP events or visits will depend on the level of guests in attendance. To find out if your event or visit requires Protocol involvement, please visit the Protocol website or email us

How do I get an item into UQ Update?
Simply click on the request form at the bottom of each Update, fill out the form and email it through by noon of the Thursday before the Update in which you would like the item to appear.

How do I get a copy of the UQ Guides?
Copies are available online, in the UQ Student Centres, at major events such as Open Day and international fairs, and are distributed to secondary schools throughout Queensland. You can also request one to be posted to you, visit

How do I become a UQ Expert? 
UQ staff members can create a profile in the UQ Experts Directory by entering your details online.  

How do I get a story in Contact Magazine? 
The publication team welcomes editorial contributions via Both publications are planned well in advance of printing. If you are interested in advertising in Contact Magazine, please contact the UQ Advertising Office by email or phone 07 5460 1739. For more information, view our rate cards and media kits here.

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