New engagement activities – a success for the Faculty of Health Sciences

At recent events, TSXPO and St Lucia Open Day, the Faculty of Health Sciences piloted two new engagement activities for the School of Pharmacy.  The purpose of these were to aid student recruitment by promoting the Bachelor of Pharmacy, build relationships with prospective students and personalise the brand.  

Engagement activity one: Glam up a Pharmacy lab coat

The lab coat activity was run at TSXPO and Open Day and provided prospective students with a fun, engaging and memorable activity that personalised the UQ Pharmacy brand. Students dressed up in a white UQ Pharmacy lab coat and 'glammed it up' with their choice of headpieces, sunglasses, costume jewellery, feather boas and more. To take the activity online and facilitate engagement on another medium, students were provided with a business card-sized piece of marketing collateral directing them to the Health@UQ Facebook page where they could view their photo. Not only could the students share the activity with their friends and family on event day, they could also do so with their online contacts. This activity facilitated personal engagement on the day as well as social engagement through likes, tags and shares. 

Engagement activity two: One-on-one Q&A sessions

Exclusive one-on-one Q&A sessions at St Lucia Open Day with the Head of School and a Senior Lecturer were offered to prospective students interested in Pharmacy. Pre-event promotion to our database of prospective students saw high demand for the sessions that booked out within a few days. Only two students did not attend their session and these were filled from the waiting list of students who expressed their interest on the day. Offering these sessions allowed School of Pharmacy staff to create personal relationships with a number of prospective students and provide prospective students with a session tailored to their specific enquiries. High positive feedback was received from this initiative.

In addition to the purposes outlined above, all students who approached the Pharmacy stand or participated in a Pharmacy activity, were asked to complete a 'data capture form', providing us with a mechanism to collect their details and continue the conversation online. The students were also invited to Pharmacy Experience Day. Results so far have been very positive with an increase of 100 registrations to Pharmacy Experience Day and an additional 370 Pharmacy prospects added to our database. If you have any questions about this activities or would like more information, please contact Rosanna Ryan.

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