OMC provides a set of UQ branded HTML, self-service email templates that can be used in the UQ CMS (with Web Services assistance), or in Vision 6. If  you use a different email platform the templates are adaptable if you have sufficient knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Note that Outlook cannot be used to send HTML template emails. You can use Thunderbird instead, instructions for this are in the downloadable packs.

There are 2 colour versions and 3 footer alternatives. Please download the package for either UQ CMS or Vision 6 depending on which system you use. Included in each package are the 9 versions of the template and instructions for using them.

Download UQ email template pack for UQ CMS [28kb .zip]
Instructions for UQ CMS templates

Download UQ email template pack for Vision 6 [29kb .zip]
Instructions for Vision6 templates

Purple template Purple 1 column template  Purple modular template

Purple campus footer template  Purple campus footer 1 column template

Purple future students footer template  Purple future students footer 1 column template

Black template  Black 1 column template


Email Newsletter Templates section

Email template instructions - Vision6

Email template instructions - UQ CMS