Corporate advertising

We are responsible for planning, developing and executing corporate advertising for UQ. Our corporate advertising objectives are to: 

  • develop and enhance the awareness, image and reputation of UQ among our key target markets
  • support other advertising conducted by UQ faculties, schools and institutes aimed at recruiting target cohorts of international and domestic undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Corporate advertising is delivered through appropriate media channels to reach key target markets.

Specialist advertising

The UQ Advertising Officer designs, manages and books all specialist advertising for the University helping to promote programs and courses for faculties and schools, staff recruitment and requests for clinical trial research participants. We also manages advertising bookings for UQ News and Contact magazines. 

As a member of the Queensland Government Media Buying Group, we can offer significantly discounted rates on most Australian newspapers and clients receive an additional rebate via the Master Media Supplier on all bookings. A 6% advertising levy is charged to the requesting unit in addition to the media cost for the setting, booking and despatch of advertisements.

For more information on corporate and specialist advertising service offered by OMC, please visit our Advertising website.

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