Overview of the conference

Boost student recruitment through effective social media marketing

Between higher education’s move to demand driven funding and the drop in international students, all tertiary education providers must focus on boosting student recruitment using a forum that potential students are comfortable with – social media.

Developing and implementing a social media marketing strategy poses a host of unique challenges, including integration of social media into an institution-wide marketing plan, maintaining control of your online brand and demonstrating a return on investment to stakeholders. Measuring & Optimising Social Media Marketing in Tertiary Education will discuss these issues and examine practical strategies to overcome the barriers.

UQ conference attendees

  • Graham Bethune, Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Caroline Bird, Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Alison Campbell, UQ International - Marketing and Recruitment
  • Jessica Freiberg, Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor
  • Kate Swanson, School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management
  • Tegan McMahon, UQ International - Marketing and Recruitment
  • Roxane Valier-Brasier, UQ Business School

Conference notes and presentations


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