Overview of the conference

2012 CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference (Hong Kong, March 14-16)

This annual conference, organised by the world's pre-eminent educational advancement body, brings together marketing, communications and fundraising professionals from universities and schools in the Asia-Pacific region to discuss shared challenges and promote best practice. Three hundred and forty delegates from 20 countries attended.

Cameron Pegg presented on the second day on the digital evolution of alumni magazines, covering recent online and tablet case studies, including UQ (view Cameron's presentation here). There were three separate, but related streams: advancement, marketing and communications, and alumni relations.

Key insights included: Understanding that alumni occupy multiple roles:

  • Advocates, ambassadors
  • Validation of success of your programs (success stories)
  • Parents of future students
  • Potential employees and employers
  • Volunteers
  • Donors

Internal relationships: Advancement needs a seat at the main table. 

Importance of tailoring events that are stakeholder-focused (eg for young alumni running an information session on how to buy your first home – University of Richmond). 

Planning an international approach to alumni relations (including virtual events)

Social media planning (working "right to left" – understanding where your audiences are and what they're taking about, and then picking messages and platforms accordingly. It's the opposite way around for traditional marketing and communications)

Reporting and benchmarking – advancement professionals need to prove their ROI, and this goes beyond dollars raised. For alumni events, think about different metrics/segmentation in terms of age distribution of event attendees, frequency of attendees, discipline representation at events etc

Importance of clear, tangible mission statements (understanding what you’re really about – what is your story. Why will people support you?)

The fundraising circle – prospect-cultivation–solicitation-stewardship

Major campaign branding – back to the mission statement. What is your DNA? And how do you express that?

UQ conference attendees

  • Cameron Pegg, Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Jeff McDaniel, Faculty of Health Sciences

Conference notes and presentations


Please note: the numbered presentations relate to the references in Cameron's notes.


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