Through a range of marketing techniques, we are responsible for defining the UQ brand, and delivering the brand image through various channels, with the aim of positioning UQ as the leader in its field in the minds of customers and stakeholders.

The recognition and perception of a brand is highly influenced by its visual presentation and therefore we are also responsible for the University’s corporate identity management.  We supply a range of tools and templates to the university community and also provide advice on the application of the University's Corporate Identity Guidelines and the associated visual identity elements: The University logo, the UQ device, the brand colours and corporate fonts.

Copies of the University logo are provided to authorised users. For details on the correct use of the logo and more information about the UQ Brand including templates and guidelines, visit the Brand website.

Brand and corporate identity management section

UQ corporate logo

Information regarding the correct usage of The University of Queensland logo is available in the section entitled "The Logo" in The University of Queensland...
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