Workers compensation at the University

The University is self-insured for workers' compensation and has established the Work Injury Management Section within the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Division to manage all claims for workers' compensation and rehabilitation in Queensland. From 1 April 2001 the Work Injury Management (WIM) Section has been the provider of workers' compensation and rehabilitation entitlements for University staff. Some of the benefits of the WIM Section providing services to University staff include:

  • early provision of compensation payments and medical treatment to injured staff;

  • best practice claims management and rehabilitation services for injured staff;

  • effective communication with injured staff and managers regarding workers' compensation matters, due to the University's employment of claims and rehabilitation managers;

  • strong incentives to prevent work-related injuries.

Workers compensation at the University of Queensland is primarily governed by the State of Queensland's Workers Compensation & Rehabilitation Act. The University's processes as a self-insurer for workers compensation are implemented in conjunction with this legislation. Similarly, the University's Workplace Rehabilitation policy and procedures are implemented in accordance with the Act.

If the staff member's principal place of employment was outside Queensland when the injury occured, a claim should be lodged with the insurer in that jurisdiction - see "Additional Information and Procedures".

Additional Information and Procedures


 Workers Compensation - Policy 

PPL 2.25.01

 Workers Compensation - Self Insurance Information Booklet 2018 


 Workplace Rehabilitation - Policy and Procedures 

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 Interstate / Overseas Workers Compensation 


The WIM Team 

Assistant Case Manager
Michele Campbell
Telephone: 3365 6022


Case Manager
Darryl Curnow
Telephone: 3346 9172

Rod Knights
Telephone: 3346 9086