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Date Type Document
May 2015 Incident Alert Storage of Sample in Dry Ice
April 2015 Incident Alert Walk-in Freezers
April 2015 Consultation PPL 2.40.10c Importing or Working with Quarantine Material
April 2015 Consultation PPL2.70.20c Liquid Nitrogen Dry Ice
April 2015 Consultation PPL 2.70.10b and 2.70.11b
March 2015 Notice Butane lunch box camping cooker
March 2015 Incident Alert Burns from hotplates
March 2015 Notice Imported biologicals and in vivo work / Quarantine Notice  / Fact Sheet
Feb 2015 Consultation PPL 2.60.10- Working Safely with Blood and Body Fluids
Feb 2015 Safety Notice Footwear for Laboratories
Feb 2015 Notice OHS Goals Performance Review (Year = 2014)
Feb 2015 Safety Notice Chemical Waste Containers
Jan 2015 Consultation PPL 2.70.15 - Working Safely with Cyanide

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