Faculty, Institute and Key Division OHS Committees

Faculty OHS Committees support the Occupational Health and Safety Policy of the University, by promoting and facilitating cooperation between staff, students and management in the development and implementation of OHS policy, procedures, guidelines and programs at the University. Faculty OHS Committees fulfill statutory requirements under Section 75 of the Act, and oversee the management of health and safety matters and resources within the area of coverage.

A key function of Faculty OHS Committees is to provide a forum to facilitate effective consultation between University management and workers in instigating, developing and carrying out measures designed to ensure the workers’ health and safety at work, and to assist in the development of standards, rules and protocols relating to health and safety that are to be followed or complied with at the workplace.

OHS Management Plan

An annual OHS Management Plan is required to be developed/approved during the first OHS Committee Meeting for the year, and reviewed/discussed at subsequent meetings throughout the year.

Terms of reference

Meeting Minutes

Committee Secretary Resources

Online resources available via website below include templates specifically formatted for use at the University of Queensland, to assist staff to conduct duties associated with secretariat support.

Templates available for download include,

  • Agenda
  • Minute
  • Post-meeting Action Table

UQ Safety Network

A team of Work Health and Safety Managers/Coordinators (WHSCs) and Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) facilitate the implementation of UQ's OHS Policies and Procedures within particular work units, and assist to ensure effective communication and consultation between workers and management. 

 WHSCs are appointed by Management.

HSRs are elected by workers.

OHS Forum

An 'OHS Forum' has been established to provide an opportunity for parties across the University to raise and discuss relevant occupational health and safety matters. The OHS Forum is facilitated by the OHS Division. Meetings are held approximately quarterly. Invitations to attend are circulated to Senior Managers, WHSCs and HSRs.

  • Compliment the formal communication pathways between the OHS Division, individual OHS Committees and the Vice Chancellor's Risk and Compliance Committee;
  • Provide a forum for OHS communication between all areas of the University;
  • Provide information to participants on a range of relevant OHS matters;
  • Complement the input provided by OHS Committees and other formal avenues into the development and review of UQ OHS related policies, procedures and guidelines;
  • Provide a further avenue to promote safe working practices and environments throughout the University;
  • Share experiences across the University that may assist in improved OHS outcomes for our people.

Meeting Dates (2016)

  • 23 May 2016
  • 24 October 2016

Meeting Minutes (2015)


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