The University frequently engages in work off-campus that is diverse in nature and may take place in unfamiliar or uncontrolled environments.
The work may involve high-risk activities and/or may be conducted in a hazardous environment.
Persons involved in planning or participating in work off-campus must take a proportionate OHS risk management approach.

Safety Guidelines

Safety Training

UQSafe - Field Trip and Risk

From 30 January 2018, all work off campus plans must be completed in UQSafe-Field Trip.  This can be accessed via the UQSafe dashboard below.  Access to UQSafe-Risk to complete risk assessments for work off campus activities is also available via this link.

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UQSafe-Field Trip information/guidance

The following links provide information and guidance relevant to:

Safety Resources

The safety equipment you require will depend on the circumstances of your travel and work activities. Examples of the types of items you may require include:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Snake Bite Kit
  • Sunscreen & Insect repellent
  • Mobile Phone + car antenna
  • UHF Radio
  • Satellite Phone
  • Distress Beacon (PLB)
  • Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment (PPE)

The OHS Division has some of these items available for hire. Please contact the OHS Division if you would like to hire safety and emergency equipment for your travel or field work.

Email:  Phone: 336 52365

Working Outdoors - have you considered the following?

Pregnant?  Health Concerns?

e.g. immunodeficient, recovering from illness, severe asthmatics etc

  • You may be at higher risk from exposure to certain conditions, chemicals, biologicals and other hazards.
  • Check your risk assessment and discuss with your Supervisor, Safety Officer and health care provider.

Working Overseas

  • Do you require vaccines or malaria medication?
  • Are there any other additional health concerns for the country you are visiting?  Visit your own doctor, a travel health specialist or UQ Health Care for medical advice.
  • Review the Australian Government Travel Advice for the Destination Country.
  • Register with the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade via Smart Traveller.
  • Are there any specific OHS Regulations for the site you are visiting - check with the local contact?


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