Specialist OHS Advice

Biosafety - Physical Containment (PC) Facilities Biosafety
Biosafety - Genetically Modified (GM) Dealings Biosafety
Biosafety - High Risk Biological Approvals Biosafety
Biosafety - Quarantine Containment (QC) Facilities Biosafety
Boating Michael Phillips (51095)
Diving Michael Phillips (51095)
Carcinogen Safety Rob Alcock (51517)
Chemical Safety Rob Alcock (51517)
Chemical Waste Disposal Robert Rose (54437)
Computer Workstations: Design and Adjustment Jolene Cooper (52341)
Database Administrator - Risk Management Database Amanda Jones (51819)
Database Administrator - Incident Reporting Database Amanda Jones (51819)
Electrical & Construction Safety   Greg Brown (69268)
Ergonomics & Rehabilitation Jolene Cooper (52341)
Fieldwork Safety OHS Enquiries (52365)
First Aid Fiona Coulthard (54883)
Gatton - General OHS Matters Gerard Ross (50298)
Health Survelliance Fiona Coulthard (54883)
Hearing Conservation Program Fiona Coulthard (54883)
Importing Samples and Quarantine Materials Sue Marshall (69173)
Inductions & OHS Training OHS Enquiries (52365)
Occupational Hygiene Rob Alcock (51517)
Occupational Health Fiona Coulthard (54883)
Plant and Equipment Safety Gerard Ross (50298)
Radiation Safety Kris Fraser (56122)
Safety Auditing Kris Fraser (56122)
UQ Wellness Vicki McNabb (51516)
Work Injury Management Michele Campbell (56022)


General Enquiries:

Suzette Dwyer
Office Manager
Email: suzette.dwyer@uq.edu.au
Phone: 07 336 52365



Health and Safety Information section

Construction & Electrical Safety

Reference Material Policies, Procedures, Guidelines & Forms  Fi...

Ergonomics & Rehabilitation

Ergonomics programs for the prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries that arise during the course of work or that are affected by work.

Health and Safety Auditing

OHS Management System Auditing

Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Work off-campus

Safety Off-Campus

Work Injury Management

Workers compensation at the University The University is self-insured for workers' compensation and has established the Work Injury Management Section within the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Division to manage all claims for worker...


Biohazardous materials regulation and management.

Occupational Hygiene

The prevention or reduction of risks to health which are presented by chemical, physical or biological agents.

Radiation Protection

These links to online resources are provided for staff and post-graduate students who need to use radiation sources in their work and study.
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