The UQ IBC consists of the main committee which meets three times per year, and a sub-committee (UQ IBC-SC) which meets approximately every 6 weeks.

It is the responsibility of the UQ IBC Sub-Committee to assess all proposals for dealings with Genetically Modified Material.

The UQ IBC and UQ IBC Sub-Committee consists of panel of expert advisors from throughout UQ with expertise in the many areas of biological research undertaken by UQ staff and students. In addition to this, both committees have an independent member to ensure an unbiased approach.

The UQ IBC is required to consult with the Department of Agricutlure (nee AQIS) and the OGTR to ensure compliance of PC and QC premises, and is responsible for reviewing work involving Risk Group 2 organisms (requiring special consideration) and above, plus any Dealings with Genetically Modified Material.

The IBC at UQ has been instigated to help ensure compliance to:

  • The Queensland Work Health and Safety Act
  • The Department of Agriculture-Biosecurity (nee AQIS)
  • The Office of the Gene Technology regulator
  • AS2243.3 Safety In Laboratories: Microbiological Safety and Containment

 As well as other regulations or standards referred to by regulations such as:

  • The Security Sensitive Biological Agents Regulatory Scheme
  • The Department of Defence Strategic Goods list
  • Notifiable plant and animal pests

It is the responsibility of Chief Investigators to obtain appropriate biosafety approvals from the UQ IBC prior to commencement of the work, and to ensure that project staff and students are competent, trained and appropriately supervised. All personnel working with biological material should be familiar with and comply with regulatory authorities and internal UQ requirements in this area.  

Training in Biosafety requirements is mandatory for any person who works in a PC2 laboratory unnsupervised, this training is available on UQ Blackboard as an OHS Module. For persons working in Quarantine Approved Premises (QAPs), training is provided  via the UQ Staff Development Program.

  •  UQ IBC Terms of Reference - note revised TOR pending

UQ IBC Subcommittee Meetings

(for submission of proposals for GMO & Biosafety work)

To guarantee submission to the next meeting, proposals must reach the IBSC Secretary 2 weeks before the meeting date to be included as an agenda item and to give committee members time to read the proposals. 

Acceptance of submissions arriving later than this will be at the discretion of the IBSC Chair.

Electronic submissions are preferred.

Subcommittee Meeting Dates 2017

Meeting Date Submission Deadline
24 October 10 October
5 December 21 November

 Subcommittee Meeting Dates 2018

Meeting Date Submission Deadline
13 February 30 January
27 March 13 March
8 May 24 April
19 June 5 June
31 July 17 July
28 August 11 September
23 October 9 October
4 December 20 November

Subcommittee Members 2017/18

Member Position / Speciality School / Institute
Prof Bernard Carroll IBSC Chair
Plant biology
School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Dr Ulrike Kappler IBSC Deputy Chair
Metabolic pathways
School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Ms Sophie O'Neill

IBSC Secretary
OHS Biosafety Advisor
UQ OHS Division
Dr Amanda Jones OHS Biosafety Advisor UQ OHS Division
A/Prof Elizabeth Aitken Plant pathology School of Biological Sciences
Veterinary Public Health School of Veterinary Sciences
Dr Victor Anggono Neural biology Queensland Brain Institute
A/Prof Bryan Fry Evolution of Venoms School of Biological Sciences
Prof Roy Hall Structure and function of flavivurses School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Prof Ben Hankamer Algal biofuels and protein structural biology Institute for Molecular Biosciences
Infectious diseases - flaviruses School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Prof Mark Schembri Bacterial pathogens School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Dr Sally-Anne Stephenson Role of Eph receptors in cancer TRI / QUT
Ms Susan Stephenson Independent member  
Dr Milos Tanurdzic Plant development and genomics School of Biological Sciences
Tuberculosis research School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
A/Prof Ingrid Winkler Replication incompetent viral vectors and blood stem cells UQ-Mater Research Institute
Prof Ernst Wolvetang Stem cell research Australian Institute Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
A/Prof Trent Woodruff Neurosciences School of Biomedical Sciences


Institutional Biosafety Committee Meetings (UQ IBC)

2017 meeting dates (note this committee does not assess proposals):

  • Wednesday March TBC
  • Tuesday July TBC
  • Thursday November TBC

 The committee is constituted according to OGTR guidelines with a core committee and a number of persons with a variety of expertise who may be called upon when required. 

Committee Members (2017)
Prof Alastair McEwan, Chair, Dean Graduate School
Mr Jim Carmichael, Deputy Chair, Director OHS Division
Dr Amanda Jones, Secretary, Biosafety Advisor, OHS representative
Ms Sophie O'Neill, Biosafety Advisor (observer)
Mr Kerrin Henderson, Biosafety Advisor (observer)
Dr Anthony Arklay, University Health Services
Dr Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann, Infectious disease and immunology; School of Veterinary Science
Prof Jimmy Botella, Plant biotechnology; School Biological Sciences
Prof Bernard Carroll, Plant biology; School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, Chair IBSC
Mr Jo Culican, UQ-Biological Resources
Dr Amanda Dines, Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital
Mr Stewart Hobbs, Manager Engineering Services, Property & Facilities
Ms Michelle Richards, Director of Building Operations, TRI
Dr Wayne Jorgensen, Chair DAFF-Qld IBC
A/Prof Kiarash Khosrotehrani, Physiological and disease processes in skin biology, UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Ms Susan Stephensen, Independent Member
Miss Nicole Shively, Research Management Office
Mr Michael Uren, Consultant veterinarian; Animal Welfare Unit/member Animal Ethics Committee
Mr Barry Yeo, Senior Mechanical Engineer; Property & Facilities





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