For large/dangerous spills call Phone UQ Security 3365 3333

Every Division, Institute, School and Centre that generates or operates with Chemicals and other waste must hold equipment to, and have staff who are trained to carry out the cleanup of spills.

Spills of any chemical (including wastes) must be cleaned up by the generating area. Any Division, Institute, School or Centre that has a spill will be instructed by Security to effect clean up. If this is not carried out a professional contractor will be engaged and the generating area will be liable for costs incurred.

Spill kits must be appropriate for the type and volume of chemicals being used and stored. For example, if several litres of acids are being used daily, it is necessary to have adequate quantities of neutralising agents in order to cover the spill and deactivate it’s effects. The SDS states what agents are suitable for treating or neutralising the chemical with in the case of a spill. 


Additional Information

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