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Important Note

  • Recommended web browser for the new version of Chemwatch is Mozilla Firefox


Q: Where is the Chemwatch Gold FFX online help repository?

A: this is available within Chemwatch, under the elearning tab in the top right corner (house icon).

Instructional Chemwatch PDF's

 User Guide Chemwatch Report from Manifest
 User Guide Using the Chemwatch Manifest Function
 User Guide How To - Create labels for Chemicals, Products and Mixtures
 User Guide How to - Use CREDO Module


Chemwatch eLearning Packages

Basic Users Guide A Basic User’s Guide to Chemwatch Introductory Package Backpack
Gold FXX The Complete Package, Includes Training on Searching, Manifesting and Risk Assessments
Administrators Guide The complete Training Package for Backpack. Includes training on Admin Procedures
D-Gen Label Generator Tool

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Mob: 0411 402 510
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