UQ Policy 5.30.14 Volunteers

Extract from Policy Statement

The University supports the use of volunteers on projects that benefit the relationship between the University and the community, provided that volunteers are not used to replace paid workers. Volunteers must not be directed to perform work that would normally be undertaken by University staff. Volunteers are covered by the University's Public Liability insurance policy for damage they may accidentally do to other people or property in the course of their work for the University. As with all insurance policies there are numerous exceptions to the cover.

Volunteers must act responsibly in the use, maintenance and custody of all University resources, and will observe the normal practices of the University. The University provides only limited personal accident insurance for volunteers. Volunteers should be aware of the advantages of having personal accident cover and are encouraged to arrange cover prior to undertaking any work.

Public and Product Liability

The Public and Product Liability insurance policy covers the University's legal liability to pay compensation in respect of personal injury or property loss caused as a result of University business.

Workplace OHS Inductions and Training

In the event that a UQ worker (e.g. volunteer, visiting researcher) does not have (and will not be getting) access to UQ Blackboard, the below links provide access to copies of the UQ Workplace OH&S induction and training modules.

Please Note

  • There will be no record of completion recorded electronically - you will need to maintain records locally.
  • For Volunteers, it is recommended that a copy of the completed competency assessment be attached to the "Volunteer Application Form".

Workplace OH&S Induction & Training Modules

The below induction and training modules have been developed for 'workers' at the University of Queensland, and form part of the OH&S training program at UQ. Click the word ‘module’ to view the training slides. Once satisfied with your knowledge, click ‘assessment’, print the PDF, answer the questions and have the written assessment marked and signed by your Supervisor. You require a pass mark of 80%.

Course ID Workplace OH&S Inductions & Training Training Assessment
OHSB08 General Workplace Safety Induction module pdf
OHSB09 Annual Fire Safety Training module pdf
OHSB01 Laboratory Safety module pdf
OHSB03 Chemical Safety Training module pdf
OHSB02 Computer Workstations (Design/Adjustment) module --
OHSB12 X-ray Safety Training module --

Competency Assessment

Please contact your Work Health and Safety Manager/Coordinator (WHSC) to verify and record completion of your competency assessment.

Important note for UQ Staff & RHD Students

If you have a UQ Username & Password, you must complete the assessment via eLearning@UQ (i.e. Blackbaord). If you do not complete the assessments via Blackboard, your electronic staff / student profile will indicate that you have not completed them, and you will be required to do them again.