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Prof. John D. ("Jack") PettigrewFRS

Queensland Brain Institute

University of Queensland 4072 


Current Research

¥    Perceptual Oscillation

¥    Biofilm in Bradshaw Rock Art
Two Recent Findings in Bradshaw Rock Art:
1. Floating, Abstract Classic, Figure.

2. Palorchestes depiction: From the extinct Australian megafauna.

3. Two Rejections.
4. Rejections and Rejoinders.

Dysfunction in Australian Professional Rock Art.
What's Wrong with Calling It Gwion gwion?

¥    Interhemispheric Switching  and Binocular Rivalry

¥    Mania Cured with Cold Water in the Ear

¥    East-West Jet Lag Triggers Episodes

¥    Bipolar Disorder

¥    Bonneh's Illusion:

¥    Perceptual Rivalry Demonstrations.

¥     Comparative Physiology of Binocular Vision; Photo Gallery from 1997 SFN Special Lecture, New Orleans

 Platypus, Colugo, Tarsier, Megabat, Microbat, Oilbird, Owlet-Nightjar, Frogmouth, Barn Owl,  Strigid Owl, Letterwing Kite


á      Flying Primate Controversy

á            1.Objections to Flying Primates;

á            2. Flying Primate Source Book

      3. ?Funeral of Flying Primate Hypothesis

      4. Summary  of  Molecular Data

á            5. Literal and Metaphorical Tree: Flying Primate Hypothesis Illustrated.           

á            6. 25 Year Update on Flying Primates


á      Primate-like Retinotectal Decussation in an echolocating megabat, Rousettus aegyptiacus.


á      A Marine Chameleon: the Sandlance, Limnichthyes fasciatus

á      fMRI

á      An extinct flying fox depicted in ice-age art from the Kimberley

á      Kalumburu Flying Fox Debate


á      New Input from Feduccia on the Dino-Bird Controversy


á      Kalumburu flying foxes



¥       CV

¥       Publications

¥       Boab project  Boab thumbnail


¥    Boab Origins

¥    Baobab Blog: Baobabs and Humans

¥    Baobab Phylogeny

   Digitata distribution     Leaf Protocol

¥    Boabs and Bottle Trees

¥    FoxP2Commentary.htm

¥    Podcasts

¥    Blog: The Dancer.

¥    Photo Gallery,  China. Turkey, Canopus Spring, Claustral Canyon, Tara's 21st Tara in Patagonia Antarctica Treilles Solar Eclipse Mt Freeling  Antarctica2003 Mia Ananda Kurrajong

¥    VDU Festchrift dinner photos

¥    GalensÕs Wedding

¥    Min Min Lights article

¥    Autobiographical Sketch for ISN Newsletter

¥    Josh Wallman: A Life Guided by Science and Birds

¥    Peter Orlebar Bishop: The Engineer of Visual Science: 1917-2012.Science Forum with the Dalai LamaPrime Minister's Working Party on Neuroscience

¥    Bertie the Boobook's Home Page

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Bert in Flight


¥    ANIM2036 (was  VETS 2011)

¥    BIOM 2006<>

¥       Moonkite of the DiamantinaMale head

         With Dorelle and Bert



Ancient History (to be expanded):

¥    Mountaineering exploits
Wing-Suit past Ball’s Pyramid:

¥    Bryden's Home Page

¥    Caltech in the 70's