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 Colloquium 2008

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Next Generation Learning Spaces Colloquium
1st and 2nd October  2008
Welcome to the second Next Generation Learning Spaces Colloquium webpage.
The second colloquium presented the findings from the research on learning spaces using a Pedagogy-Space-Technology Rubric.  Spaces at the University of Queensland and other institutions were showcased with a focus on evaluation.
This Colloquium invited leaders in higher education responsible for teaching and learning matters, architects, technology service managers, senior librarians and facilities managers to gather and envisage the future shape of learning facilities in higher education. This event enabled sharing of ideas about the future direction of learning space design.
The Colloquium dinner on the evening of the October 1st at Customs House built upon last year's successful event and provided a unique opportunity to network.
This Colloquium formed part of an Australian Learning and Teaching Council (formerly the Carrick Institute) Priority Project Program and was supported in part by that grant.