A new study has revealed that the New Tax System adopted in 1999 and the embedding of the GST have further diminished the fiscal autonomy of the States and Territories.

14 December 2005

A University of Queensland student will graduate tomorrow after completing her PhD at two universities in two countries.

13 December 2005

The University of Queensland will acknowledge the importance of arts, theatre and humanities when it recognises significant contributors to Queensland Arts at two ceremonies on Wednesday, December 14.

13 December 2005

The University of Queensland is making copies of December graduation speeches available at a new podcasting website.

9 December 2005

Two Romanian cousins, who grew up like sisters, have graduated from The University of Queensland on the same day with their PhDs.

7 December 2005

University of Queensland PhD graduand Alastair Tombs has spent a fortune on coffee and muffins researching the effects of the social environment on customers.

6 December 2005

A pilot study for Australia`s first clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of traditional Chinese exercises in preventing the growing problem of diabetes has produced startling results.

6 December 2005

One of UQ`s most famous journalism graduates reflects on his early education in Australia and his big plans for The Bangkok Post.

1 December 2005

While many international students pursue business or sciences Vincent Li Man Kit has chosen social work.

29 November 2005

An engine tuning system invented at The University of Queensland (UQ) could save motorists hundreds of dollars on their annual fuel bill.

25 November 2005

Customer rage is an increasing problem in Australia, according to a UQ led study.

21 November 2005

An innovative hydrogen storage idea has won the $100,000 UQ Business School Enterprize competition.

17 October 2005

University of Queensland researchers have been awarded more than $22 million as part of the latest round of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Project Grant funding announced yesterday (October 10).

11 October 2005

This is a transcript of a eulogy delivered today at St John`s College Chapel, St Lucia by UQ Executive Dean of the Arts Faculty Associate Professor Richard Fotheringham for Associate Professor Lloyd Davis, of the School of English, Media Studies and...

11 August 2005

University of Queensland researchers are using traditional Chinese exercises to combat the growing problem of diabetes.

1 August 2005

A University of Queensland student is balancing on the crest of a wave, combining her studies with a rewarding career in the Navy.

25 July 2005

The growing problem of kidney disease will be tackled head on with the formation of a new Queensland-based research network.

14 July 2005

An Indooroopilly veterinarian who brought in vitro fertilisation to Australia and Brahman cattle to the Top End, has won one of the nation’s premier vet science awards.

6 July 2005

The University of Queensland has topped the latest round of grants from the nation’s peak university funding council.

23 June 2005

The University of Queensland’s reputation as a leader in research and teaching has been enhanced with the opening of the $24 million Sir James Foots building today, May 20.

20 May 2005