University of Queensland writer, Dr Kim Wilkins, celebrated her 2,000,000 written word recently, with the publication of her latest novel Lighthouse Bay.

11 October 2012

Australian Cultural Studies were celebrated recently when UQ’s Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies (CCCS) hosted "Building Australian Cultural Studies: the work of Graeme Turner".

4 October 2012

The University of Queensland's Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies (CCCS) has welcomed a new Director, Professor Gay Hawkins.

4 October 2012
UQ to showcase films from around the world as part of the 2012 Australian Anthropological Society Conference.

A vibrant selection of documentaries, short films and video installations from around the world will be shown at The University of Queensland as part of the 2012 Australian Anthropological Society Conference.

24 September 2012

Award-winning films from 11 Latin American countries will feature at this year’s Latin American Film Festival, taking place at The University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus from October 11 – 14.

18 September 2012

The National Youth Choir of Australia (NYCA) is bolstered this year by 10 singers from The University of Queensland's School of Music.

6 September 2012

One of the country’s most distinguished playwrights is visiting The University of Queensland to collaborate with students and showcase some of her acclaimed work.

28 August 2012
Wawiriya Burton(Australia, 1928) Pitjantjatjara people, South Australia
'Ngayuku ngura - My country' 2009, Amata, South Australia
Synthetic polymer paint on linen
152 x 122 cm 
d’Auvergne Boxall Bequest Fund 2009, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
© Wawiriya Burton, Courtesy of Tjala Arts

The Art Gallery of South Australia’s travelling exhibition Desert Country offers an oasis of colour when it opens at The University of Queensland Art Museum on 4 August 2012.

13 July 2012

Wikipedia is playing a growing role in academia at The University of Queensland, with students researching and writing high-quality articles for the online encyclopedia.

11 July 2012

The relevance of the modern Olympic Games – from war truces to the celebration of athletes - will come under scrutiny at a meeting of Olympic scholars that starts today.

6 July 2012

A global ranking of universities has confirmed The University of Queensland’s place as one of the world’s top 100 universities.

30 June 2012
The collections of Father John Ward features in a new book.

A Caboolture collection of curios and spiritual artefacts gathered by an eccentric British Freemason will go on show this weekend, and is featured in a new history book.

29 June 2012

The great religious, political and economic upheaval of the early medieval era has been the topic of conversation at a meeting of international scholars at The University of Queensland this week.

27 April 2012

Researchers, teachers and students passionate about preserving, promoting and understanding Aboriginal languages met at a UQ-hosted conference recently.

26 April 2012

A University of Queensland project is piecing together a little-known aspect of Australia’s war history that may bring comfort and understanding to families.

23 April 2012
The Hezar Ava ensemble, from left: Pegah Varamini (ensemble leader, piano and vocal), Omid Rahimi (vocal and tonbak), Mostafa Odabaee (santour), Maryam Odabaee (tar), Barbod Valadi (alto tar) and Homeira Aryanpad (daf and back vocal).

Ensemble Hezar Ava staged a free lunchtime concert of traditional and classical Persian music at UQ St Lucia this week.

16 April 2012

A top international scholar has attracted the greatest turnout in 10 years to an annual arts lecture at The University of Queensland.

10 April 2012

Australians have a high level of internet use but are wary of websites that collect too much information about their visitors, a large-scale University of Queensland survey has revealed.*

14 March 2012

Students studying anywhere in Australia or overseas will have online access to details of artworks in The University of Queensland's Art Collection from February 15.

10 February 2012
UQ alumnus, actor and film producer Dr Geoffrey Rush has been named the 2012 Australian of the Year.

University of Queensland alumnus, actor and film producer Dr Geoffrey Rush has been named the 2012 Australian of the Year.

26 January 2012