Caravan club members are pouring millions of dollars into rural and regional Australia – even if they only travel short distances and set up camp for a weekend.

24 September 2013

Disasters such as Tropical Cyclone Usagi that closed airports in Hong Kong at the weekend, leading to the cancellation of hundreds of flights, can have catastrophic effects on tourism, causing traveller numbers to plummet and decimating tourism...

23 September 2013
UQ PhD candidate and veterinarian Moira Brennan.

A University of Queensland trial of a new injectable treatment for canine cancer has shown early results in slowing down and ultimately reversing the growth of a tumour.

17 September 2013

Drinking more than 28 cups of coffee a week or four cups a day may be bad for under-55s, according to a study by The University of Queensland and the University of South Carolina.

13 September 2013

University of Queensland (UQ) researchers have found a natural component of Australian tarantula venom that is more potent against certain insect pests than existing chemical insecticides.

11 September 2013

University of Queensland (UQ) scientists are harnessing honeybee flight secrets to develop insect-sized robot aircraft.

11 September 2013

A University of Queensland scientist has been awarded the prestigious Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology President’s Medal.

11 September 2013

Nominations are now open for the following elected positions on the 33rd Senate of The University of Queensland 2014 – 2017.

9 September 2013
Superconducting quantum circuit used to relay quantum information.  Photograph courtesy Y. Liu, ETH Zurich.

A team of University of Queensland physicists has transmitted a state of an artificial atom from one location to another inside an electronic chip.

6 September 2013
Global Voices WTO Delegates with Former Trade Minister Craig Emerson.

A University of Queensland student will experience international policymaking first-hand at the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference in Indonesia in December.

5 September 2013

The Western Downs community will have better access to specialist medical care with the launch of The University of Queensland’s Health-e-Regions telehealth project in Miles.

3 September 2013

The University of Queensland has established a world-leading fire safety education, testing and research program with the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS).

3 September 2013

Leaders of the world's major religions could play a vital role in helping to save the world's dwindling wildlife and wilderness, three eminent ecologists from Sweden and Australia have proposed.

3 September 2013
Jackson Huang, from the Gold Coast, will compete in the International Brain Bee in Austria this month.

Australia's 'brainiest' student, Jackson Huang from the Gold Coast, will compete in the International Brain Bee Competition (IBB) in Austria next month.

2 September 2013

A researcher from The University of Queensland, has conducted the world’s first pineapple microarray to gain a better understanding of tropical fruit development at the molecular level.

2 September 2013

Brisbane Grammar School is moving into the Internet fast lane, thanks to The University of Queensland.

2 September 2013

A diagnostic test for Developmental Duplication (DD) in Angus cattle is now available in Australia through the Animal Genetics Laboratory at The University of Queenslan

2 September 2013

A University of Queensland electronic law expert has warned that a United States Appeals Court ruling to hold remote ‘texters’ liable for accidents caused by drivers reading their messages could have ramifications in Australia.

30 August 2013

A new process for turning agro-industrial and domestic wastes into fertiliser, developed at The University of Queensland (UQ), is expected to have a significant, positive impact on the agricultural industry and the environment.

30 August 2013
Leading University of Queensland (UQ) criminologist Professor Lorraine Mazerolle is the 2013 recipient of the Joan McCord Award.

Leading University of Queensland (UQ) criminologist Professor Lorraine Mazerolle is the 2013 recipient of the Joan McCord Award for outstanding contributions to experimental research, policy and practice, and for developing the experimental careers...

29 August 2013