Innovation is something Professor Mark Kendall has long valued in his cutting-edge research at The Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, even if he has not labeled it that way.

12 December 2011

Cheese-making and techniques for producing sustainable plastic dollar bills from sugar cane are among the new research projects on which The University of Queensland and industry partners will collaborate from next year.

2 November 2011

THE work of 15 researchers and supervisors has been honoured at a special ceremony to mark Research Week at The University of Queensland.

13 September 2011

One of Australia’s largest investments in a start-up biotechnology company – AUD15 million – has been made with the aim of developing a revolutionary new needle-free vaccine delivery system.

1 August 2011

University of Queensland researchers have produced batches of a monoclonal antibody, which may offer hope as a potential therapeutic for Hendra virus infection in humans

12 July 2011

The University of Queensland has received $180,000 funding from Queensland Health to continue the local production of an antibody for Hendra virus in humans.

20 May 2011