Professor Kathryn Edin.

Poor urban fathers often perceived as “deadbeat dads” have instead been revealed to be seeking a loving bond with their child rather than the mother, according to a study to feature at a Brisbane seminar.

19 July 2012
Conductor Simone Young will lead the Australian Youth Orchestra's first Brisbane concert in seven years.

The University of Queensland is supporting the Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) for their first appearance in Brisbane in seven years as their July concert partner.

17 July 2012
Wawiriya Burton(Australia, 1928) Pitjantjatjara people, South Australia
'Ngayuku ngura - My country' 2009, Amata, South Australia
Synthetic polymer paint on linen
152 x 122 cm 
d’Auvergne Boxall Bequest Fund 2009, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
© Wawiriya Burton, Courtesy of Tjala Arts

The Art Gallery of South Australia’s travelling exhibition Desert Country offers an oasis of colour when it opens at The University of Queensland Art Museum on 4 August 2012.

13 July 2012

Researchers from UQ’s Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies are concerned about recent messages that parents should never sleep in the same bed as their babies.

10 July 2012

The relevance of the modern Olympic Games – from war truces to the celebration of athletes - will come under scrutiny at a meeting of Olympic scholars that starts today.

6 July 2012

American Studies scholars from Australia, New Zealand and around the world converge in Brisbane today to discuss topics ranging from cultural history to the American dream.

2 July 2012
UQ Arts/Law student Juliette Maeji will work for nine weeks in the Austrade office in Paris.

Swapping her family home in Wishart for a Parisian apartment is a dream come true for Juliette Maeji.

28 June 2012

Internationally renowned conductors from Brisbane and the UK will converge at the Winter Choral School which starts today at The University of Queensland.

25 June 2012
Adjunct Professor Stewart Gill and Pipe Major Andrew McCabe holding the Association Trophy that the UQ Pipe Band won at the 2012 Queensland Grade 4 Champions.

The University of Queensland Pipe Band at Emmanuel College (UQPBEC) has had a very successful result at the Queensland Pipe Band Championships, held at Limestone Park, Ipswich over the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

18 June 2012
2011 winning image Each Face; One Story. Photographer: Mohit Pant.

A UQ photography competition that captures politics and global issues has now opened the doors to a new film category.

14 June 2012
A piece by artist Robyn Stacey, entitled Ice, is one of the features of the UQ Art Museum's Return to Sender exhibition.

An exhibition featuring 11 artists who left Queensland in the late 1970s and early 1980s, largely in reaction to the political and cultural milieu of the Joh Bjelke-Petersen era, opens at The University of Queensland Art Museum on 16 June 2012.

13 June 2012

Stargazers are reminded of tomorrow's once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe a rare astronomical phenomenon — the planet Venus passing across the face of the Sun.

5 June 2012

The University of Queensland invites parents and professionals who work with children and families to have their say in the development of a resource that promotes children’s resilience to natural disasters

25 May 2012

Despite our inclination to believe equality within a team or group is important, new research suggests that a built-in hierarchy leads to fewer group conflicts and higher productivity.

24 May 2012
This painting by Michael Zavros, portraying a thoroughbred horse draped with the skin of a panther, features at the ANIMAL/HUMAN exhibition at the UQ Art Museum. The exhibition explores the animal-human relationship.

Visitors to a new exhibition at The University of Queensland Art Museum will come face-to-face with animals and be prompted to consider how we relate with them.

4 May 2012

The great religious, political and economic upheaval of the early medieval era has been the topic of conversation at a meeting of international scholars at The University of Queensland this week.

27 April 2012
The Hezar Ava ensemble, from left: Pegah Varamini (ensemble leader, piano and vocal), Omid Rahimi (vocal and tonbak), Mostafa Odabaee (santour), Maryam Odabaee (tar), Barbod Valadi (alto tar) and Homeira Aryanpad (daf and back vocal).

Ensemble Hezar Ava staged a free lunchtime concert of traditional and classical Persian music at UQ St Lucia this week.

16 April 2012

Queensland’s blossoming arts sector may have impressed a visiting British arts scholar, but she says the state government needs to protect it.

13 April 2012

A top international scholar has attracted the greatest turnout in 10 years to an annual arts lecture at The University of Queensland.

10 April 2012
Dr Andrew Smith … developed a new software platform for qualitative data analysis

Academics and student researchers everywhere can benefit from a new web-based application for performing qualitative analyses using Leximancer, a software platform developed by The University of Queensland’s Dr Andrew Smith and his team.

3 April 2012