1 May 2015

New technology has been installed across The University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus car parks to reduce delays and queues for motorists.

The new system enables users to see in advance which parking locations are likely to have available spaces when they arrive on campus.

Sensors have been installed at the entry and exit points of each P-series car park, providing a live feed to on-site digital signage, a website and portable devices.

University of Queensland Transport Systems Manager Mr Mark Kranz said the displays and web feed provided staff and students with up-to-date parking advice.

“The UQ community can plan journeys and also relay information to visitors or guests to the campus,” he said.

“Now that the technology is in place, drivers are making a decision before  joining a queue.

“This considerably reduces the number of people having to drive from one car park to another, hunting for a space.

“The web feed is refreshed every five minutes and shows whether each car park location is ‘full’ or ‘nearly full’.

“If there are plenty of spaces left, the feed will show the number of spaces remaining.”

A parking availability app will be developed later this year.

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