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 Application for a staff ID card


To apply for an identification card, first obtain authorisation for payment from your Head of School or Section in the form of a signed ID Card Request Form (PF632)

Please note: If a staff member has never obtained an ID card from Unicard before, they are required to provide Unicard with photo ID to receive their staff card.

Current charges are as follows:

ID Card $10.00
Card Holder $2.70
Lanyard $2.20
Clip $0.60
Replacement card* $10.00

[*Replacement card fee is charged if staff have lost, damaged or destroyed their original card, but not if a new card is required for a change of name or position.]

This authorisation can then be taken to a Unicard outlet located at:   

    • St Lucia campus, Duhig Tower, Level 2, Social Sciences and Humanities Library (see map)
      NOTE: As of 3 March 2014 we are permanently relocating all ID card printing at St Lucia campus to The Prentice Centre, Level 2 Prentice Bldg (see map).
    • UQ Ipswich campus Student Centre (see map)
    • UQ Gatton Student Centre (see map)
    • Herston School of Medicine Office

To use the ID card for library borrowing services, please take it to the Loans Desk of any branch library so that the barcode on the card may be added to your library record.

Note: If you are located at a remote centre, follow the same procedure as above, but send a passport photo with the RISQ to Unicard at the St Lucia campus.

Card swipe access

If you require card swipe access to rooms or buildings, your school or section  must arrange permission by notifying Security of your staff name and the access level required. Each organisational unit has a card custodian, usually the Administration Officer who can arrange authorisation. Security (see map) may then need to encode the magnetic strip. Staff not working at the St Lucia campus can mail the authorisation and card to the St Lucia Security Section via the internal mail system. The address is:

Security Section
Bldg 42, Prentice Building
St Lucia Campus

Photocopy credit

If you require photocopy credit on your ID card, a separate Request for Internal Services Charge (RISQ) form must be lodged with Unicard for the amount of photocopy credit authorised by your Head of School or Section.