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What is Salary Packaging ?
Disclaimer and note on financial advice

The University of Queensland recognises the value of providing staff with access to employee benefits and has expanded its salary packaging offerings via the Queensland Government salary packaging scheme which is administered by the following salary packaging providers:

The Queensland Government arrangement is one of the most competitive salary packaging arrangements with low administrative fees for employees.

If you decide to enter into a salary packaging arrangement with one of the salary packaging providers, one of the online forms you'll be asked to agree to is the Salary Packaging Participation Agreement. The salary packaging providers aren't able to amend this PDF for UQ's individual requirements. For that reason if you click 'Agree' to this you acknowledge and agree that:

  • the Employer is The University of Queensland;
  • the applicant is yourself, the Employee;
  • you have read, understood and accept the offer of salary packaging on the terms and conditions contained within the Salary Packaging Participation Agreement, and;
  • the duly authorised person signing on behalf of the Employer is the University's Chief Operating Officer.

The University internally administers salary packaging arrangements for Superannuation, university car parking and car parking at the PA, Mater and Wesley Hospitals; as well as Translational Research Institute.

Prior to purchasing any products, please consult with the Salary Packaging Providers to ensure that you have set up an account for salary packaging and that your purchase meets the criteria.

The University strongly recommends that you seek independent financial advice to see if the salary packaging arrangement is of benefit to your individual situation before making any commitments. Any fees associated with obtaining financial advice will be at the cost of the staff member.


** New Benefit**  Bus travel

Travelling to work by bus can now be cheaper by accessing the new TransLink go Bus Travel Benefit card. The card works the same as a go card but enables you to salary package the cost of your to and from work bus travel. Our salary packaging providers, RemServ and SmartSalary, are able to provide further information and assist you with getting started.