The FEI Tecnai F30, installed in 2004 in the QBP lab, is a 300kV TEM with a field emission gun (FEG), which produces a highly coherent, bright beam.  The FEG, which enables higher resolution imaging, in combination with a twin-lens objective pole-piece, a goniometer with a ±70°tilt range, precise compu-stage and beam-tilt control, makes the F30 an ideal instrument for the acquisition of tomographic tilt-series data, and for high-resolution imaging of macromolecular assemblies for single particle analysis.  With a range of specimen holders, including Gatan single-tilt cryo-holders (with cryo-transfer stations), a Gatan and a Fishcione tilt/rotate room-temp holder, we are able to image both biological and material samples, under cryo-conditions, or at room temperature (ie, plastic-embedded).

This microsocpe is currently fitted with a Direct Electron LC-1100 (lens-coupled) 4k digital camera (, and driven by SerialEM software ( 
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