Registering for Access


 To submit a registration form you need to click on the following link, client registration form  - ensure that you select the "to Register" button which is at the lower right hand side of the login screen. You will receive an automatic response.   CMM will then contact you to arrange an interview time with the appropriate CMM Research staff.

 It is essential for the reporting by and ongoing funding of the CMM that we be acknowledged in publications and presentations resulting from access to our instrumentation and expertise. Please use the following statement:-

"The authors acknowledge the facilities, and the scientific and technical assistance, of the Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility at the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, The University of Queensland" 

 Assessment Interview

It is a requirement of the CMM that all new clients attend an interview to discuss project requirements and objectives to ensure that the best equipment/instrumentation is recommended for projects. Undergraduate and Postgraduate students will need to attend this 'Assessment Interview' with their Supervisors.

 Please bring to the interview:

  • A brief literature review of published findings, methodologies in the area of work clients wish to undertake.
  • Documented outline of the project's primary objectives
  • Any work already performed or researched
  • The University is committed to maximising opportunities for students with a disability, and has framed policies and procedures to support this commitment.  Definition of "disability" - The University defines "disability" in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. It includes broad categories such as hearing impairment, vision impairment, learning disabilities, mobility disabilities, psychiatric disabilities and medical conditions. The disability can be temporary or permanent and can be of different severity levels.

Please advise at your interview if you have any special needs.

By enforcing these initial consultations Centre staff are better able to advise on the correct equipment to be used for each project, give realistic time frames and ensure the student and project team realise what is achievable. In addition it may be possible to provide advice on alternative and complementary methodologies.

 Before using the Centre, Clients need to have:

  • Completed a UQ induction at his/her School/Centre/Unit
  • Completed a 'CMM Registration’ form
  • Risk assessment of the project and techniques
  • OH&S Induction within the appropriate discipline

These requirements will be discussed further at the interview.

 Using the Centre

CMM is a service facility where clients pay to use the available equipment.


  • CMM management will assess machine, training and upgrade suitability for clients.
  • Visiting expert microscope users, may be assessed, and exempted from certain non-safety related training requirements, at the centre’s discretion.
  • The access fee schedule for 2015 can be found below.
  • Training will not be commenced without prior payment, and extra training and upgrades may attract extra fees of  $250.00.
  • Clients who use in excess of  hours purchased may incur an additional fee of $1000/$750 for a further block of 100/50 hours.
  • Fees will only allow access to instrumentation on which the client has received training.
  • A quotation from a senior staff member (eg. Director/Centre Manager) is required for all consulting work undertaken by CMM Staff.
  • No joint or group access is available.
  • The transfer of clients’ access will incur a fee of $250. The new client will be required to carry out the same access procedure and training assessment as the existing client.

·         Hourly and assisted access to the CMM can also be arranged as per the fee schedule.


Categories of Membership:

  • University - This is limited to the University of Queensland Staff and Students. Honours Students and Undergraduates may be charged.  This charge will be at the discretion of the initial interviewer and relevant to the amount of work to be performed.
  • Associate - This category is for persons who are not University of Queensland personnel but are from an associated university or government funded institution.
  • External - This category is for persons from private industry or organisations wishing to access CMM instrumentation.

 Fees and Charges – 2014 on request.

Please contact Kay Hodge – Phone 3346 3944 or email

All access expires as at 31st December in any given year.

 Fees and Charges – 2015 – tba





A fee must be paid in order to gain access as above. If you are a student or staff member of the University of Queensland this can be done via an ISC - Request for Internal Services Quote form.  This form MUST be completed and signed by a Financial Delegate. External members will be invoiced. Please note that fees must be paid in full before the CMM facilities can be used.

 Should you have any queries concerning the above, please contact Kay Hodge on 3346 3944 or email

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