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 Students with a disability

The University is committed to maximising opportunities for students with a disability, and has framed policies and procedures to support this commitment.

Definition of "disability"
The University defines "disability" in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. It includes broad categories such as hearing impairment, vision impairment, learning disabilities, mobility disabilities, psychiatric disabilities and medical conditions. The disability can be temporary or permanent and can be of different severity levels.

Notifying the University

  • If you have a disability, you should indicate this in the personal information section when you enrol via mySI-net. If you would like to discuss the impact of your disability on your studies or any academic adjustments that may be needed, then please make an appointment with one of the disability advisors in Student Services. This will enable the University to plan and allocate appropriate resources to provide services for you.
  • If you acquire a disability during the semester, please advise a disability advisor of your change of status. Your disclosure is confidential and is only necessary to ensure you receive appropriate support.

Disability Program and disability advisors
The Disability Program provided by Student Services aims to develop and deliver services which foster the achievement of your educational, personal and career goals while you are a University student.

The disability advisors within Student Services are responsible for evaluating your academic access requirements and organising appropriate arrangements by:

    • developing a  Student Access Plan (Disability) with you (more details can be found on the Student Services website)
    • liaising with academic and administrative staff
    • recommending procedural variations for examinations, for example, additional examination working time, rest breaks, use of computer or a writer, ergonomic furniture, personal equipment, food and drink, separate room, specially prepared examination papers, etc. Further information is included in the examination arrangements for students with disabilities information sheet (PDF:71KB).
    • organising alternative forms of assessment in conjunction with relevant academic staff members, if required
    • facilitating access to lecture, tutorial and practical materials
    • arranging access to alternative print format (braille, large print, audiotape, electronic)
    • assisting your navigation around the campus
    • organising the use of adaptive equipment on campus

  • Contacts:

Student Access Plan (Disability)
A Student Access Plan (Disability) is a document designed to facilitate communication between you, the disability advisors and relevant academic staff members regarding your academic access requirements. While not compulsory, such a plan does help to ensure your needs are addressed and communicated to appropriate academic staff members. The purpose and process of developing a Student Access Plan (Disability) are explained in the Student Access Plan (Disability) (pdf) document.

Alternative Print Service
If you are unable to access print due to vision impairment or print disabilities, you may be eligible to use the Alternative Print Service which produces alternative formats such as enlarged print, braille, tactile, audio and electronic.

Library facilities
The UQ Library provides facilities for students with a disability to ensure that all users have equitable access to resources.


  • The University provides parking for people with a mobility disability at a number of locations on all UQ campuses and sites.

  • The University no longer issues its own Disability Parking Permits. If you require accessible parking at UQ, you must obtain a permit from Queensland Transport or another state or territory issuing authority. Please see the Parking at UQ website for more details.

St Lucia access map
UQ's Property and Facilities have produced  access maps  for the St Lucia campus which shows services and facilities of interest to people with a disability, including building access, tactile pathways, suggested wheelchair routes around the campus, and more.

University Health Service
It is advisable to contact the University Health Service on starting your UQ study. You may wish to remain under the care of your medical practitioner, but you may need to consult the Health Service if specific health problems arise relating to University life.


  • At the St Lucia campus, UQ Sport operates a 50-metre-long swimming pool and gymnasium in which exercise schedules can be adapted to meet your needs.
  • UQ Gatton, UQ Ipswich and the Herston campus also have sports facilities catering for your basic health and fitness needs as well as trained staff to assist you.