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For refund policies and procedures, please select from the links below:

Read the international students refund policy and procedures

Please note:

  • for year-long courses you need to drop the course in both semesters in mySI-net.
  • if you withdraw after the census date, tuition fees are not refundable

Application for refunds

Please use the Student Fees Refund Request form, which is available in

The form should be sent to:

The Student Centre
JD Story Building,
University of Queensland
St Lucia Qld 4072

Alternatively, the form can be scanned and emailed to

UQ-Ochsner refunds

If you are withdrawing from the UQ-Ochsner program, you are required to complete an International Student – withdrawal from program form and submit your application to:

The Student Centre
JD Story Building,
University of Queensland
St Lucia Qld 4072

If you are requesting a refund of the excess funds in your student account and are not withdrawing from the program, please complete the Student Fees Refund Request form, then scan and email it to

For more details on UQ's refund guidelines for international students, please refer to the webpage Refunds for international students. The University is required by law to notify the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of international students who withdraw from their studies.

For more information contact: Student Fees at or phone 3365 2328.


Refunds for domestic students
Domestic students are entitled to a full refund of the Upfront student contribution amount, or  

Refunds for International students
Policies and procedures for refunds for International students ...