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 What if you're unhappy with a result?

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Guidelines for applying for a change to final result due to special circumstances
Application process, outcomes and notice of decision regarding the change of a final result

If you feel your performance in a course was not adequately represented by the grade you were given, you are entitled to pursue the matter through the grievance resolution processes.

The process of querying a course result is set out in the PPL 3.10.10 Assessment Re-mark - Procedures.

Please refer to the General Award Rules , Part 1A - 20.8 and 20.9 for information on amendments to final results.  You will find a link to the General Award Rules on the University Rules page.

If your result has been finalised, and you believe your case may meet all criteria specified in General Award Rule 1A.20.8(c) you may apply for a change of result to the President of the Academic Board.

If your change of result affects your graduation...

Students should be advised that remarks and applications to change finalised results take some time to process. The time frame is quite short from finalisation of results to the graduation ceremonies at the end of semesters one and two. It is extremely unlikely that any changes will be made in time for you to graduate at the ceremony with the rest of your cohort. 

Student Centres can prepare letters of completion for you as appropriate which you can show to potential employers as required. If you become eligible to graduate, you will be eligible to attend the next graduation ceremony, at which time you will receive your testamur.