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 Policies and procedures

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Policies & rules
  • University policies and procedures apply to many aspects of your activities as a student within the University community.
  • A wide range of policy statements are available online to assist you to identify your rights and responsibilities.

Where can I find UQ policies and procedures?

  • The searchable online UQ Policy and Procedure Library (PPL) contains policies, guidelines and procedures on a variety of management, administrative, academic, personnel, technical and physical facilities issues which have been approved by the Senate for University-wide application.
  • Financial policies and procedures are contained in the Financial Management Practice Manual accessible to staff from the Finance and Business Services website.
  • Individual faculty or school guidelines or procedures can be found in faculty publications and/or on their websites.
  • Some policies and procedures are also incorporated in University Statutes and University rules.
  • Information on policies and practices applying to assessment and examinations is included in the relevant myAdvisor section.

What is the UQ policy on...?
Select a topic from the list in the 'Further information' menu to the right for an introduction to some key UQ policies and procedures, together with links to official documents.