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 New faculties 2014 - frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions for students

Q1. What is a faculty?
A faculty is a structure used to administer common academic disciplines. Faculties are usually made up of schools and centres, and sometimes institutes. No single faculty model has been shown to be better than another – and from time to time, it’s normal for universities to change structures to improve their research and teaching.

Q2. UQ is establishing three new faculties from 1 January 2014 – and dis-establishing three - how will this affect me?
Most students will notice little difference, as there will be no immediate changes to schools. Details of the new faculty structure can be found on the New Faculties 2014 webpage.

If your current study program is in the Arts, SBS or Health Sciences faculties, it will simply come under the management of one of the new faculties which will be called: Health and Behavioural Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; and Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Q3. What are the reasons for the new faculties, I thought UQ was already great?
A. UQ is one of the world’s top 100 universities but, like our researchers and teachers, we are always looking to respond to our changing world and to find better ways to deliver benefits to our students and the wider community. These changes are designed to further strengthen your university for the future. Benefits for you include:

  • A stronger UQ reputation, giving you and future students a more prestigious degree and better career opportunities
  • More robust collaboration and strength in UQ research, by bringing together common disciplines
  • Advances in research thinking that will feed into teaching

Q4. What specific program rules will my study fall under?
A. The same rules as now.

Q5. Do the changes affect my ability to gain credit for previous study?
A. No, they do not.

Q6. Will my lecturers be the same?
A. In many cases – yes, depending on your faculty. There may be some normal changes to academic staff (e.g. lecturers leaving or arriving at UQ.)

Q7. Will other staff in my faculty be the same?
A. In many cases – yes. We’re reviewing structures, so professional staff may change in a few cases.

Q8. Will I still be able to graduate with a dual degree, e.g., Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce?
A. Yes, as long as you meet the relevant enrolment and program requirements, which will remain the same.

Q9. Will my degree be lengthened (or even shortened) due to faculty re-positioning?
A. The faculty changes will not affect the length of your program.

Q10. Will my programs or courses become more expensive as a result of the new faculties?
A. No. The cost of UQ courses is reviewed annually and that process will continue, separate to the establishment of the new faculties.

Q12. Will the changes challenge or inconvenience me in any way?
A. Above all, we want to ensure that you continue to receive a high level of service. You may find you have to go to a different building to speak to a faculty officer or write to a new email address, but there will be plenty of assistance to make sure your question gets to the right people. If you encounter any challenges, please talk with your faculty or school staff or email us with your query.

Q13. What can I do to help?
A. Please check your emails regularly, as we will notify you of anything important. If you have any questions, please email us with your query.

Q14. Are faculty offices moving?
A. We’re currently looking at this, and will let you know if faculty offices move.

Q15. Will the new faculties mean I will have to attend some of my lectures and tutorials at different campuses?
A. No, the new faculties will not affect where you learn.

Q16. Where will I go now for help if I need to speak to someone about my studies?
A. Speak with your faculty or school staff, as usual. If any changes affect you, you will be notified.

Q17. Will Student Services officers still be available to help me find the right person to talk to about aspects of my study experience at UQ?
A. Yes, Student Services will be available to help, as will Student Centre and school staff.

Q18. Will there be changes to my school in terms of the people who give advice about administration matters or teach my classes?
A. There will be no immediate changes to school structures.