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 Academic progression: Show cause application

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Academic Progression: Outcome of show cause application

You can apply to your Associate Dean (Academic) to show cause why enrolment should not be cancelled using the "Show Cause Coversheet" form (e-pdf) [Please note, the form is editable but you must download and save the form prior to editing in Adobe Reader.]

If you were required to Show Cause why your enrolment should not be cancelled in the most recent semester, you must submit your application for receipt by the due date indicated in your Show Cause Notice. Provided your application is received by the due date, you may enrol and continue your studies while your show cause application is being considered.

If you were asked to Show Cause to re-enrol in an earlier semester and have interrupted your studies, your application for re-enrolment must be received by 5 January (for first semester) or 30 June (for second semester).

UQ College students interrupting studies in the Associate Degree in Business, your application for re-enrolment must be received by 1 December the previous year (for trimester 1), 1 April (for trimester 2), or 15 July (for trimester 3).

Alternatively, you can contact the Academic Progression Officer on telephone (07) 3365 2600, or via emailing and request that the form be mailed to you.  You should submit your show cause application as soon as possible, or, at the latest, by the date notified by the Academic Registrar in the show cause notice, sent to your student email account.

You should present your case as clearly and as comprehensively as possible.  For example, your unsatisfactory progress may have been related to difficulties that have since been resolved, and therefore might not affect your future progress if you are allowed to re-enrol. 

For example, you may have:

  • reduced your hours of part time employment
  • developed a study plan in conjunction with a learning advisor to address time management problems
  • received treatment for a medical condition that had impacted upon your studies
  • undertaken studies at another institution to improve your knowledge in a particular area of weakness

You should detail these matters in your application, as well as include medical certificates or other relevant documents supporting your case. Refer to ‘What to include in your application’ below for more information.

If you do not submit a show cause application by this due date, your enrolment will be cancelled.

International students are reminded that maintaining satisfactory academic progress is a condition of the student visa. In accordance with the ESOS and National Code Part D, Standard 10, The University is required to notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) of students who are not making satisfactory progress and this could result in the cancellation of the student’s visa. The notice of intention to report will be issued to your student email account.

Assistance with your application

If you need assistance with preparing a show cause application, or advice about the application process, you may contact the following sources:

  • Student Help on Campus (SHOC) advocates have experience assisting students with the processes mentioned above. They can advise students about how best to prepare their applications. Bookings can be made via their website.
  • Student Centres on all campuses - for information about the application process
  • Student Services. Student Services staff are able to assist you to address issues that may have impacted on your academic performance and to develop strategies intended to improve your learning outcomes.

What to include in your application

A letter outlining the following must be included with your show cause coversheet:

  • describe the factors that led to your unsatisfactory academic progress;
  • explain the steps you have taken to remove impediments to maintaining satisfactory academic performance since you were warned or last refused enrolment under the provisions of these rules
  • if you have previously had conditions set by the Associate Dean (Academic) under the provisions of these rules, explain how you have satisfied these conditions; and
  • provide any relevant supporting documents

A scanned copy or clear photographic image of the supporting documentation, however you must retain the original documentation for a minimum period of dic (6) months to provide as verification should you be requested to do so.

Submit your letter and supporting documentation along with the ePDF show cause coversheet. You can fill in the coversheet electronically and attach it to an email. Alternatively, you can print out the hard copy, fill in the details, scan and attach it in the email. Your application will be referred to the Associate Dean (Academic) of your faculty for a decision and you will be informed of the outcome by email to your student email address.

Submission of your application

To submit, please email all required documentation via the "Required to Show Cause" task on your mySI-net or to 

For enquiries, please email or phone (07) 3365 2600