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 Full-time study

A standard full-time load is equal to 16 units (often expressed as #16) of study per year (this usually means 8 courses per year), or 8 units of study per semester (this usually means 4 courses per semester). Three-quarters of a standard full-time load per semester would therefore mean 6 units (this usually means 3 courses of 2 units each).

However, for students endeavouring to improve their entry score for upgrading purposes, one full-time year of study means a minimum of  16 units (8 courses) of study at UQ.

Across all faculties and programs students will be able to enrol in a maximum of 8 units for each of first and second semesters and 6 units maximum in the summer semester.

Students will be permitted to enrol in more than 8 units in either Semester 1 or 2 and 6 units in Summer Semester if their GPA is greater than or equal to 4.5 in the most recent semester of full-time enrolment.

If you want to enrol in more than 8 units in semester 1 or 2 and your GPA was less than 4.5 in the most recent semester of full-time enrolment, you will need the approval of the executive dean.

If you need to discuss your enrolment options, please contact your faculty or school for advice.