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 UQ services to get you started

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Tips for new mature age students

These are just some of the services offered at UQ, which as a new student, you might find useful:

Listed here are more of the many services which UQ offers students

  • Financial assistance – details of scholarships and other financial assistance available
  • Banks and credit unions – information on which of these services are available on each of the campuses
  • Career and job advice – information which may help you to choose your courses, or to help you find part-time work while you are studying
  • Health services – information on the services offered by the UQ Health service

The following resources provided by UQ may also assist you as you settle into UQ:

  • Important dates – a summary of the most important dates for students
  • Academic calendar – a listing of all official university dates which students should be aware of, including semester start and finish dates, exam periods, vacation periods, deadlines for paying fees, etc.
  • UQ terminology explained – a comprehensive list of the definitions of the terminology used at UQ