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 How to apply for a deferred examination

All applications for deferred examinations, both for mid-semester examinations and end of semester examinations, must be submitted online via mySI-net > myRequests.  Hard copy application forms or requests received via email will not be considered.

Applications must be submitted no later than five (5) calendar days after the date of the original examination. 


  1. Log in to mySI-net to access the Deferred Examinations Requests under the myRequests tab.
  2. Under the relevant Semester and Deferred Examination Type (ie. mid-semester or end of semester), click on ‘Submit New Request’.
  3. Read and accept the instructions on the Introductory Page.  You should ensure you are familiar with the information on myAdvisor relating to eligibility and supporting documentation for deferred examinations.
  4. All courses for which you are enrolled in that semester will appear.  Select the relevant course and, from the drop down list, select the examination item, date and time and whether you attended the examination.  NB: If the original examination date has not yet passed, your attendance status will display as ‘Unknown’.

NB:  For end of semester requests, the details of the examination for the course selected, and your attendance status if known, will be auto-populated.  If the examination item does not appear, click on ‘Add another exam item’ under that course and enter in the relevant examination details.

  1. If you wish to defer another examination for that same course, click on the ‘Add another exam item link.

NBFor end of semester requests, you can include multiple examination items for different courses within the one request being submitted, or you may submit separate requests.  Each examination item will be assessed separately.

  1. Select the reason for requesting a deferred examination.  Up to two (2) different reasons may be selected within the one request.
  2. At this point you can ‘Save and Submit Later’ or ‘Save and Continue’ with your request.
  3. To upload an electronic copy of your supporting documentation, click the ‘Add Supporting Document’ link.  Up to ten (10) documents may be uploaded with each request. [Please see below for a guide to uploading supporting documentation].
  4. Read the Declaration and tick to confirm.
  5. Once completed, click 'Save and Submit'.


  • Your request must be ‘submitted’ within the specified timeframe for it to be considered for approval.  ‘Saved’ requests will NOT be considered.
  • You can view, edit or cancel a saved request prior to it being submitted.

Uploading supporting documentation

The file size of each document for upload is restricted.  Should your documentation exceed the capacity, your file will not upload and you will receive a pop-up message.  To reduce the file size, please follow these simple steps –

  1.  If the single document contains multiple pages, save page sections into multiple documents and upload each document.
  2.  If a single page document, it may generally be due to it being a JPEG image at 100% resolution.  Open the JPEG file and then click on Open in Paint.  Under Resize, reduce the percentage from 100 to say 50 or 30.  Then Save.


Late Requests

If more than five (5) calendar days has passed since the date of the original examination, you will not be able to proceed with submitting your request.  A Late Notice link will appear with details of the examination and information on the course of action to take should you wish for your late request to be considered.  You are able to print or email this notice to yourself.

View the status of your request

You will receive an email notification to your student email address once your request has been actioned.  To view the status of your request:

  1. Log in to mySI-net to access the Deferred Examination Requests under the myRequests tab.
  2. Your requests will display with the Request Status noted for each.  The status may be –

Saved, Submitted, In Progress, Cancelled or Completed.

  1. To view the details of the decisions relevant to each Request Number, click on the ‘View Details’ link.  
  2. You will now be on the Request Details page which lists each examination item under that request, and the status of each.  The status may be –

Approved, Denied or Pending.

  1. Click the ‘Decision Status’ link to view the examination item details, the decision, and decision reason if denied. 
  2. You can print or email a PDF to your student email address.

Assessing submitted requests

As stated, a request must have a status of ‘Submitted’ for it to be considered and assessed.

All applications for deferral of mid-semester examinations will be assessed by the relevant school.

Applications for deferral of end of semester examinations made on medical grounds will be assessed by Academic Services Division, provided that a medical certificate supports the application and complies with the relevant rules and procedures.

Any medical certificate or statement which –

  • does not clearly support an application, or
  • raises a question on the student’s academic progress (particularly where the student’s academic record reveals a history of deferred examinations), or
  • relates to more than two separate examinations,

will be referred to the relevant faculty for consideration.

Application for deferral of end of semester examinations made on non-medical grounds will be considered for approval by the responsible faculty, provided that corroborative information supports the application and is submitted in accordance with the instructions.