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 Applying for deferred examinations

Application forms are available online (pdf: 74KB) as well as in print form from all Student Centres


  1. Applications should be received no later than five (5) calendar days after the date the original examination was held
  2. An application made on medical grounds must be accompanied by an original medical certificate (or certified copy) signed by a medical practitioner or registered nurse no later than two (2) business days after the examination and stating that the student was unfit to sit the examination on the relevant day.

    Students are required to confirm, by signing the deferred exam application form, that the medical practitioner is not a near relative or close associate (Examples of near relatives are partner, child, brother, sister, or parent. Examples of close associates are close friends, neighbours and partners or children of colleagues.) (It will remain at the discretion of the treating medical practitioner whether to declare the precise nature of the relevant impairment). 

    A “medical practitioner” means a person in the medical profession who is registered under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act. Acceptance of medical certificates provided by non-registered medical practitioners will require the approval of the Academic Registrar. To check whether a practitioner is registered, visit
  3. An application made on non-medical grounds must be accompanied by a signed statement detailing the grounds for the application supported by any corroborating information.
  4. All applications must be submitted

    Emailed or faxed copies of supporting documentation will not be accepted.
  5. Applications will be date-stamped and forwarded to the Examinations Section, St Lucia campus or the relevant faculty or school.

Assessing the applications

  • Applications for final end-of-semester examinations made on medical grounds will be assessed by the Manager, Examinations, provided that a medical certificate supports the application and is dated and submitted in accordance with the above directions.

  • Applications for final end-of-semester examinations made on on non-medical grounds will generally be considered for approval by the responsible faculty, provided that a statement, along with any corroborative information (for example, death or funeral notice, documented vehicle accident or breakdown, documented serious personal or family crisis etc), supports the application and is dated and submitted in accordance with the instructions above.

  • Applications for school based examinations conducted in class or during the semester will be assessed by the relevant school.
  • Any medical certificate or statement which

    • does not clearly support an application,
    • raises a question on the student's academic progress (particularly where the student's academic record reveals a history of deferred examinations), or
    • relates to more than two separate examinations,

    will be referred to the relevant faculty.

Application rulings

Application rulings will be notified to you by email to your University student email address. Should you not receive a response to your application for an end of semester deferred examination by the time the final results are released, please contact Examinations Section or your faculty, as appropriate.

Students who are undertaking deferred examinations for end of semester examinations will not be eligible to graduate at the forthcoming graduation ceremonies.

Deferred examination timetable

The dates for first and second semester deferred and supplementary examinations periods are published on my.UQ and mySI-net. If you have been granted a deferred or supplementary examination, you are expected to be available to sit your examination/s on any day or days of the specified period. Timetables will be published several days prior to the commencement of the supplementary/deferred examination period and may be accessed through my.UQ and mySI-net

Off-campus arrangements

If you wish to be considered for off-campus examination arrangements for approved deferred examinations, you must submit your application at the same time as this request.

Please note that off-campus arrangements are available to students enrolled externally, and are only available to internally enrolled students under certain circumstances, and not in semester 1 if returning to study at UQ in semester 2.

Please refer to Off-campus examinations for further information.