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 Applying for an official transcript

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Online application for an official transcript

An Academic Transcript shows your program, the results for each course studied, as well as your final qualification (after conferral). Please note, academic transcripts include all courses undertaken whilst at The University of Queensland. A transcript cannot be provided for selected courses, selected programs or study periods. When you complete your program, a complimentary Academic Transcript will be provided with your Award Certificate (degree testamur) and AHEGS. 
  • Online ordering
    To order an Academic Transcript or a Certificate of Award, please access the  online order system for ordering and payment options.
Please allow a minimum of three full working days** from the date of your payment for your Academic Transcript to be ready for posting or collection. The costs are as follows: 
    • Academic transcripts (1974 and later): $15 
    • Pre-1974 Academic transcripts: $25 
    • Certificates of Award/Enrolment: $25  
**Please note: Pre-1990 records take a minimum of seven working days to produce from the date of your payment.  
  • Fast turnaround Academic Transcripts (Available at Student Centres)
    For a fee of $25, a fast turnaround transcript may be ordered and collected in person (up to 1hr at Gatton). Fast turnaround transcripts will be issued with the information on courses and results listed on your mySI-net Studies Report at the time of application. If you wish the current semester's results to be included, please delay requesting your transcript until they have been released. 

    Please note: this fast turnaround facility is not available for students who commenced their studies prior to 1990.  Listed below are the options available to authorise a third party to apply and pay for, or pick up, your Academic Transcript.  The authorised person must present photo identification. 

    Option 1) You can authorise a third party to order and collect your transcript using the authority to act form.

    Option 2) If you have studied at The University since 2010 you can log into UQAnswers and send an email authorisation.  Within the email you need to state:
             your full name, date of birth and student number 
             the full name and date of birth of the person you are authorising 
             what you are authorising the third party to do (eg. order and collect fast turnaround transcript)

    Option 3) If you are unable to utilise option 1 or 2 please contact the Student Centre for assistance ph) 3365 2600.
  • Junior results (pre 1960) or Senior results (pre 1973)
    Applications for certification of Junior or Senior results can be made using the online order form.

    Junior and Senior Results and academic transcripts for students who commenced their degree prior to 1974 take approximately 10 working days to produce and cost $25 each.
  • Checking the progress of your application 
    If 3 working days have lapsed and you need to check the progress of your application, telephone (07) 3365 9718, or email ; for pre-1990 records at Gatton, call (07) 5460 1276.