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 Importance of faculties

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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)
Business, Economics & Law
Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Faculty of Medicine
Health and Behavioural Sciences (HABS)

You are encouraged to consult an academic advisor within your faculty and/or school if you have any queries regarding your course selection, academic plan and academic progress.

There are six University faculties:

Each degree program is administered by one of these faculties except in the case of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, where the schools administer the degree programs. 

If you are enrolled in a dual degree, you may belong to one or more faculties. For questions concerning each degree program and courses within, you should consult the faculty or school administering that program. 

Select your faculty from the list for specific information, details for the schools within that faculty where relevant. 

Forgotten your faculty?

If you have forgotten which faculty (or faculties) administers your program, you will find this information in your mySI-net record.  From your mySI-net home page, select:

Program->Program Summary from the left-hand menu. Your faculty/faculties will be listed as the 'Program owner'.