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 Grievance resolution processes

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Where can I find UQ policies on grievance resolution?
When can I appeal to University Senate?

The University acknowledges that you may disagree (have a grievance) with a decision made by a member of staff, and in some instances you may have a grievance with another student. To assist you to resolve the issue, the University has developed several policies.

The underlying principles of the policies are to have the matter handled informally where possible and to address grievances as close as possible to the source of your disagreement.  These and other principles, including a table to assist you with whom you should contact in the event that you need to make a formal complaint, are set out in the UQ policy, Student Grievance Resolution.  The procedures to follow vary, depending on whether your grievance is of an academic or administrative nature, or related to your treatment as a person (e.g. discrimination, harassment or bullying).

Academic matters
Academic grievances include assessment matters as well as teaching standards and exclusion from a program. The steps to be taken to resolve an an academic grievance are set out in Section 7 of the Student Grievance Resolution Procedures and Section 5 of the Student Grievance Resolution Guidelines.

Academic Progression: Show cause application application – unsatisfactory academic performance
If you are required to show cause why your enrolment should not be cancelled under the Enrolment and Academic Progression Rules you can apply to your faculty's Associate Dean (Academic).  You will find a link to the Enrolment and Academic Progression Rules on the University Rules page. 

Information for Research Higher degree candidates
PhD and MPhil candidates should follow the guidelines provided on the Graduate School website for resolving problems during candidature.

Administrative matters

For grievances regarding enrolment matters, please follow the steps set out in the table in section 9 of the Student Grievance Resolution Procedures.

Discrimination, harassment & bullying

Refer to the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and Procedures  and see a Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officer for more information.

See UQ's Student Grievance Resolution policy for resolution procedures.

In addition, the Equity Office has formulated some guidelines which may assist you to deal with offensive behaviour in the first instance and in a less formal way.

Sexual harassment

Please refer to the Prevention of Sexual Harassment policy and see a Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officer  for more information.