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How close are you to graduation?
Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)
Academic calendar

Graduation is the formal acknowledgement of the completion of your degree.

Graduation ceremonies are held to present you with your award and celebrate the completion of your degree. If you do not attend your graduation ceremony, your award will be sent to the mailing address you have listed in mySI-net.

Preparing to graduate

If you are close to graduation you should familiarise yourself with graduation processes and procedures. You can look this up on the graduation website, or you may wish to call in to a student centre for more information.

For help with post-graduation career advice, check the Career and job advice page.

If finalisation of your results necessary to complete your program are delayed for any reason (such as requiring deferred or supplementary examinations, or submission of a remark requests), you will not be able to attend the graduation ceremony immediately following your final semester.

When your requirements are completed, Student Centres can prepare a letter of completion for you which you can show to potential employers until the next graduation period, at which time you can receive your testamur.