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At the end of each semester you can access your final grade for each course and your semester Grade Point Average (GPA). Your GPA is used to determine academic standing status and indicates the total number of units accumulated towards your program. You are entitled to appeal if you feel your final grade does not adequately reflect your academic performance.

The grading system

For an explanation of the grades in your results, click here.
  • Your marks and grades are awarded by reference to predetermined criteria rather than by reference to the performance of other students in your course. Criteria and standards are explicit and open to debate in terms of their rigour, consistency and application.
  • Most assessment is marked by your lecturer and then considered as a whole by the faculty or school concerned.

Numerical grades
There are seven numerical grades with a grade of "7" the highest possible and the grades of "1", "2"  and "3" are failing grades. The numerical grades are explained in PPL 3.10.07 Grading System - Procedures

Note: If you are awarded a "3" in a prerequisite course, you must check the program rules, which are available online on the Programs and Courses website, or approach your faculty administrative staff regarding your progression in the program. In some cases, with approval from the executive dean, you may be permitted to progress to the next stage of your studies. However, you will still be required to repeat any course completed at a grade of "3" or below in order to obtain credit for that course.

Note: For grades of 3 obtained before Semester 1 2006, consult the General Award Rules regarding “pre-2006 grades of 3”. You will find a link to the General Award Rules on the University Rules page.

Note: For grades of G or M where credit is cancelled or refused, an equivalent numerical grade of 0.00 will be applied for the purposes of GPA calculation

Non-graded award
Some courses may be given a non-graded award with "P" representing a non-graded pass and "N", a non-graded failure.

Non-numerical labels
Under a criterion-referenced assessment system, some schools may develop non-numerical labels (such as High Distinction, Distinction, Credit etc.) and descriptive meanings for grades. The use of descriptors supplements but does not replace the numerical grades which are still used for purposes such as the calculation of GPAs.