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 Fast fee facts

·         How much are my fees and costs for University? 
Your fees and costs for study at UQ are explained on the 
Financial matters page in myAdvisor. This page also includes information about financial assistance that you may be able to access.

·         Please see the links on the Student contributions and tuition fees page for details on calculating your student contribution amount or tuition fees for the courses in which you intend to enrol.

·         When are my fees due and how do I pay? 
The How to Pay page in myAdvisor explains:

o  when the fees are to be paid,

o  how to pay them, and

o  the penalties for non- or late payment.

For dates you must be aware of, please see the Important dates page on the Starting at UQ website (for a listing of official University dates relating to students, please also refer to the Academic calendar).

·         How do I calculate my fees? 
Course costs are calculated according to the unit cost (rate per unit), and number of units, of the courses you enrol in.

Once you know the name and/or code of the courses in which you intend to enrol, you can calculate your course fees using the online fee calculator.

Course fees for international students commencing in 2016 are program-based. Program-based fees mean all courses within a program are charged at the same tuition fee rate per unit for a given academic year.

·         How do I know if you have you received my payment? 
Proof of payment will be visible via the 'Financial' link on your mySI-net home page five business days after you make your payment. If this is not the case, please contact Student Fees on (07) 3365 2328 or email

If you have paid by credit card online via UQPAY in mySI-net, you will receive a payment receipt from the bank via your UQ student email. 

If you pay using BPAY via your bank, please print a receipt if using the internet or keep a record of the receipt number if using BPAY telephone.

·         Can I have an invoice? 
Hard copy invoices are not provided by the University. Electronic invoices are provided via the 'Financial' link on your mySI-net home page. If you need a hard copy of the invoice, please save it  BEFORE making a payment.