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 eTranscripts FAQS

What is an eTranscript?

An eTranscript is a digital PDF version of your Academic Transcript. This PDF has a secure digital signature that can be validated by anyone opening the document in a PDF viewing software that can validate secure certificates.
Why are you sending me an eTranscript?
The University of Queensland is trialing eTranscripts. As a 2015 graduate you have been chosen to receive the eTranscript under these trial conditions (refer below).
By providing digitally signed eTranscripts to 2015 graduates, any person to which the eTranscript is forwarded may immediately verify the authenticity of this type of academic record issued by The University of Queensland (UQ) and easily check whether it was modified after it was signed.
Digitally signed eTranscripts are also portable and convenient.  Because digital signatures are based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), they are a practical and more convenient substitute than obtaining certified true copies of academic records from notaries.  Now, potential employers and other relying parties can immediately check the authenticity of digitally signed eTranscripts issued by UQ whenever graduates (from 2015) apply for jobs or further education online.
What can I do with my eTranscript
Your eTranscript can be used as an online version of the hard copy transcript. You can send it to organisations when applying for jobs online, or when applying online for further education and for any other online opportunities which require certification of your academic record. As the document has a secure digital signature, modification to the file, other than changing the filename, will result in the signature being invalidated. This ensures the document’s integrity and gives you and the recipients confidence in the validity of the transcript.
How does an employer or other university know that this document is valid?
When the document is opened in a PDF reader, such as Adobe, and the user is connected to the internet, the digital signature is verified and the user advised of the validity of the document. More information on digital signatures is here.
What if an employer or other university doesn’t accept my eTranscript?
If an organisation does not wish to accept a digital version of your document, you may need to provide a copy in the format they request (e.g. original or certified paper copy). Additional paper Academic Transcripts can be ordered via
Can I get another eTranscript?
During the course of the limited trial (specifically for 2015 graduates), a replacement eTranscript is not available.
Can I get another eTranscript?
The current trial of eTranscript functionality is limited to 2015 graduates only, with only one instance of the eTranscript able to be issued.