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 Deferring and interrupting studies

What is "deferment"?
Deferment refers to officially delaying the commencement of a tertiary program, usually for the period of one year or maximum of two years.

What is "interruption to studies"?
Interruption to studies refers to ceasing study for a period of time after starting a program.

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Interrupting studies
What must I do if I want to interrupt my studies? In most cases, unless your program rules require ‘continuous enrolment’, if you want to interrupt your studies, you can do so simply by not enrolling in a sub...

Returning to study at UQ
If you have deferred or interrupted your studies and are ready to commence your studies, there are certain steps you will need to take depending on whether you have deferred the commencement of your studies or whether you interrupted your current st...

Deferring studies (Requesting a deferment to commencement of studies)
Eligibility and procedures for deferring your studies before you begin your UQ program