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 Control over your information (mySI-net, my.UQ)

Through the use of secure websites, you have direct control over the information associated with your University enrolment.

mySI-net enables you to:

  • Manage your enrolment
  • View course descriptions and timetables
  • Check your enrolment details
  • Sign on to classes
  • Enter your Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) payment option
  • Pay your financial account
  • View your student financial information, including invoices and historical payment information
  • Look up important dates related to your study
  • Cancel a course and/or add a different course
  • Change personal details**, such as your mailing address
  • View your class timetable in a weekly or semester format
  • View/print your course profile
  • Request a change of program
  • View/print the examination timetable
  • View your results
  • Request a supplementary examination for an end-of-semester central examination
  • View/print a Studies Report
  • View/print an Enrolment Status Report
  • View/print aggregated reports of your assessment activities, learning activities, required/recommended resources and graduate attributes developed
  • View Frequently Asked Questions about using mySI-net

my.UQ keeps you informed and up-to-date with happenings around University. Through this site you can:

  • Access your email
  • Have personalised access to your online study resources
  • Read the latest UQ news/announcements
  • Single sign-on to mySI-net
  • Link to the UQ Library
  • Create your own calendar
  • Create an address book
  • Search the Internet
  • Share special interest calendars
  • Check out UQ events
  • Read the latest news and weather

**You cannot change some details in mySI-net, eg. name, date of birth, citizenship, as these require documentary evidence. Such changes must be submitted, together with the relevant documentary evidence, through the Student Centre on your campus. For a name change, please submit the Change of Name form (PDF), together with documentary evidence, to the Student Centre on your campus.