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 Adding or dropping courses

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Withdrawing from a program or course

Dropping courses  

  • If you are enrolled in a course and it is not a compulsory course, you may be able to drop the course and add another in its place.
  • If you are withdrawing from a year-long course, make sure you drop the course in both the first and second semester of study
  • Please note: There may be other implications (e.g. Centrelink benefits, student visa implications, financial liability) which you should take into consideration if you are thinking of dropping a course or courses. Information on what to consider before dropping a course is found on the webpage ‘Withdrawing from a program or course’.

The following timelines apply:

  1. Adding/dropping courses up to week 2
    Until the end of the second week of each semester, you can add, drop or change courses via mySI-net without incurring any charges. Just click on the link for the appropriate semester under the add course/drop course heading, and follow the links.
    Tip: If you are substituting one course for another, always add the new course before you drop the old one.
  2. Adding/dropping courses after week 2 and before the census date
    If you add courses after the second week of semester, you will have to pay an administrative charge. To add a course after the second week of semester you also need to complete a Late addition of course(s) form and gain approval from your faculty. The form is available online  (pdf), as well as in print from any student centre. You do not need permission and there is no charge for dropping a course but there could be some academic or financial implications.
  3. Late addition of courses after the census date
    Except in very exceptional circumstances, the University does not allow students to enrol or add courses after the census date. Requests to add courses after the census date are unlikely to be approved unless you can demonstrate special circumstances that prevented you from completing your enrolment by the census date. If approval is given for the late addition of a course, you will be required to pay all fees and charges depending on the relevant fee category.

    NOTE: The University must charge full tuition fees to Commonwealth Supported students who add courses after the Census Date. The University has no discretion to allow courses to be added on a Commonwealth Supported basis after the Census Date.

Useful information
You will find official program rules, requirements and official program lists under the Information for current students section for each program on the Programs and courses website (located near the bottom of the program’s webpage).

You may wish to consult Academic Advisors in your faculty or school to ensure your new course will still allow you to complete your program. You should make this change as soon as possible, as adding courses to your enrolment after the specified due date can incur an administrative charge