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 Assessment overview

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What is assessment?

Assessment is the work you are required to complete for any one or a combination of the following reasons:

  • the fulfilment of educational purposes (for example, to motivate learning, to provide feedback);
  • to provide a basis for an official record of achievement or certification of competence; and/or
  • to permit grading.

What assessment types are used at UQ?

  • Common assessment methods include written examinations, assignments, practicals, group projects and oral presentations.
  • Additional course requirements may include practical experience or other qualifications such as a first aid certificate.
  • The assessment activities you are required to complete in your course will be outlined in your course profile.

Assessment policies and procedures

  • Full details of all UQ assessment-related policies are set out in Section 3.10.02 of the University Policies and Procedures Library. Students should be familiar with Part 1A of the General Award Rules on the University Rules page.
  • Faculty or school guidelines (available at the relevant faculty or school office), including the conditions of and penalties for late submissions, granting of extensions, possibility of resubmission, violation of assessment specifications (for example, number of words), plagiarism and class participation (where it contributes to assessment) are outlined in the course profile, which is available online via mySInet.  Click here for the UQ Course Profile policy statement.