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 Charges for, and consequences of, late enrolment, late addition of courses and late fee payment

You may be charged a fee or your enrolment may be deleted if you:

  • do not complete your enrolment on time,
  • do not add all of your courses on time, or
  • do not pay your fees on time.

The amount you will be charged depends on how late you enrol, add courses, or pay your fees.

You need to be aware of due dates

Late enrolment charge: For this purpose, enrolment means adding at least one course via mySI-net. To avoid a late enrolment charge, you need to have added at least one course by the due date for enrolment . For enrolment after the due date until the census date, for all students except new postgraduate coursework students, a $50 late enrolment fee applies. There is no charge for late enrolment for Summer semester.

Late addition of courses charge: You may add courses to your enrolment until the last date to add and substitute courses, with no financial penalty. After the last date for addition or substitution of courses up to and including the census date, a late course addition charge of $50 applies.

Except in very exceptional circumstances, the University does not allow students to enrol or add courses after the census date. If approval is given for the late addition of a course after the census date, you will be required to pay all fees and charges as per the fee category that applies to you:

  • Commonwealth supported students must pay the relevant full domestic tuition fees for course(s) before being permitted to enrol. Please note: under HESA legislation the University is not permitted to enrol a student in a course as a Commonwealth supported student unless that enrolment has been finalised by the census date. At UQ, the alternative is to permit such enrolment as a full fee paying student, hence the requirement to pay full fees for the course(s) added after the census date. A student enrolling in a course after the census date is unable to access FEE-HELP for that course.
  • Tuition fee paying students must pay the relevant tuition fees for the course(s) plus an administrative charge of $200.

Late payment charge: If all your fees are not paid by the fees due date, a $100 late payment charge applies. If you are given permission to enrol or add courses after the fees due date, you will have two days to pay your fees or you will incur the $100 late payment charge.

Please note: Your enrolment may be deleted for non-payment of fees.