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 Academic standing

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Academic progression: Show cause application

Academic standing describes the state of your academic progress in a program and there are five main types:

  • Good standing
  • Satisfactory progress after show cause
  • Academic progression warning
  • Student Required to Show Cause
  • Re-enrolment Approved or Denied by Faculty or SSAC

The University requires you to make satisfactory progress in your program.

If your academic performance in a semester is unsatisfactory you may be warned or required to show cause why your enrolment should not be cancelled at the University. The Enrolment and Academic Progression Rules define unsatisfactory progress and outline the process required to show cause. You will find a link to these Rules on the University Rules page.

Academic Progression Warning
If you have a good academic standing, and your semester Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below 3.5, and/or you fail 50% or more of the units in which you are enrolled in that semester, you will be given an academic standing of "Academic Progression Warning". You will be sent an email to your student email account advising you of steps to take. The email may ask you to:

  • seek academic advice from the faculty and/or learning assistance from Student Services
  • attend an interview or an advising session at your faculty

Student Required to Show Cause
If you have received an "Academic Progression Warning" in the previous semester, or a Show Cause notice in one of the previous two most recent semesters of study, and receive a GPA of less than 3.5 in a later semester, and/or fail 50% or more of the units in which you are enrolled, you will be given an academic standing of 'Student Required to Show cause' and you will be required to show cause why your enrolment should not be cancelled.

You must apply in writing and submit an application showing cause why your enrolment should not be cancelled. If you are permitted to continue your enrolment, your standing will show as ‘Re-enrolment Approved by Faculty’. You are allowed to continue your enrolment in the following semester while your application is considered. If no application is received on or before the due date, your enrolment will be cancelled.

When deciding the outcome of your application, your faculty may consider whether you demonstrated the steps you have taken to improve your academic performance since receiving the warning, or any conditions the faculty set previously on your enrolment.

If you are required to show cause, you will be sent a notification to your student email account. You will have 20 business days from the date of the notification to lodge a Show Cause Application.

Summer semester
If you are enrolled in summer semester and do not make satisfactory academic progress, you will not be given an academic progression warning or issued a show cause notice. However, you will be sent an email warning you of the failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress and advising you of options of assistance. While no formal action will be taken, it is in your best interest to follow the advice provided, and to make positive steps to improve your performance in future semesters.

International students are reminded that maintaining satisfactory academic progress is a condition of holding a student visa. In accordance with the ESOS and National Code Part D, Standard 10, The University is required to notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) of students who are not making satisfactory progress and this could result in the cancellation of the student’s visa. The notice of intention to report will be issued to your student email account.

Your academic standing (e.g. Academic Progression Warning, Good Standing, Student required to Show Cause) will appear on your studies report (unofficial academic record). However, this information is not listed on your official academic record.